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ABEBBA GmbH is a German private company that focuses to specialize in producing high-quality edible oils. The company’s vision is to build a leading edible oil manufacturing plant in Ethiopia that revolutionizes the African edible oil markets. ABEBBA’s headquarter office is located in Nußloch near Heidelberg Germany, and the manufacturing plant will be situated in Kafa, in the southern part of Ethiopia that is known as the birthplace of coffee.

ABEBBA'a production standard is ecologically clean that complies with European and international food production systems. We implement quality assurance principles including HACCP, FSSC 22000, and ISO 2200/26000/19001 to assure high safety in our production system.

ABEBBA's business model designed a strategic framework that connects, aligns, and coordinates the entire organizational activities and resources whereas all operational and functional activities are integrated to make sure that all activities and resources are linked efficiently and effectively,

ABEBBA operates with accountability and responsibility characterized by its corporate ethical values to promote a trustworthy edible oil brand in Africa.

ABEBBA thrives constantly to create a culture of innovation that empower employees, integrate technology and system efficiently to capitalize resources and capacities efficiently.  ABEBBA's corporate culture designed from the ultimate vision to build tomorrow’s great enterprise that empowers people to engage in the process of value creation with a high awareness for food, consumption, and human needs.

ABEBBA accelerates customer values in its corporate culture that develop experiential connections between quality edible oil that promote healthy consumption in society while adding sustainable economic value to the economy.

We possess the best technology, making us leaders in product quality that create the best value for customers that outperform customer and market expectations. We build customer confidence at high awareness about our products that transform customer perception into excitement.

High Level of Safety

HACCP: Plans to prepare for each process & product to identify possible hazards and controls to assure hazards are eliminated or controlled to prove and ensure acceptable levels in the food product. 

ISO 9001: Provide a set of standard elements to guide in the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) to manage quality management system, management responsibility, resource, product realisation management, measurement, analysis and improvement.

ISO 2200: Food safety management to provide a model that follows setting up and operating management system in order to map out the need to demonstrate the ability to control food safety hazards that ensure food is safe.

FSSC 2200: Requires to establish Prerequisite Programs (PRP) that control the likelihood of introducing contamination through the work environment. For different PRP requirements: ISO/TS 22002-1: Food Processing ISO/TS 22002-3: Farming ISO/TS 22002-4 Food Packaging Manufacturing.

ISO 26000: Provide guidelines to effectively assess and address social responsibilities that are relevant and significant to their mission and vision; operations and processes; customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders; and environmental impact


Transforming Value Chains Through Innovation


Implement an edible oilseed farming program that covers more than 20 294 hectares expecting to yield up to 51 750 tons of edible oilseeds per harvest. Upgrade production capacity to 300TPD, then the total required raw material will be approximately 310 500 tons per year.


Certified production to ensure product quality including safety. 

Implement FSSC/ISO/9001/22000/26000 and HACCP with production standards and guiding principles. 

Standardize production processes to optimize production efficiency. 

Factory located in kAFA, the southern part of Ethiopia, the origin of coffee, with an annual production capacity of 93 150 tons.


Sell products through food distribution channels. Implement distribution channel network locally and globally. Capitalize on the benefit of social and public media such as newspapers, magazines, commercial TV, events, sales exhibitions, and other communication tools to promote products and brand.

From Seed to Bottle: Our Manufacturing Process

Our Edible Oil division is dedicated to providing the best quality oil and cakes to our customers. With a fully integrated production facility, our crushing capacity is 300TPD and refining capacity is 100TPD, allowing us to process up to 950,000MT per year. By working with 25,000 farmers, we ensure that every product we make is of the highest quality. Our dedication and commitment to quality is unmatched.

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Address​s and Working hours                                 


August-Ziegelmuller st. 1,

69226 NuBloch Baden-Württemberg



Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed

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