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We thrive to become a leading edible oil brand in Africa. We work effectively and proactively for continuous business growth and resilience together with our customers.


We thrive to build an experiential perception between quality edible oil, consumption and quality of life to promote health & wellbeing in society. ABEBBA believes success measures by society’s health & wellbeing.

Business Principle

Stand for customers who seek quality & healthy edible oil.



Strategic Managment

Implement healthy and ethical strategic management:

  • To provide overall directions by developing plan and policies.

  • To ensure quality products,

  • To manage HR and maintain employees’ values and benefits, 

  • To capitalize and leverage resources and activities efficiently.

  • To build company image with trustworthy reputation.

Technology and sustainability

We deploy high tech with sustainable production system to utilize company capacity and outperform market expectation. We standardize our production system with the purpose of production optimization that minimize cost and optimize profit. We invest in sustainable technology and business expansion that upgrade our production capacity. We will continuously optimize our production process to be cost efficient company. 

Resources management

The entire management chain is responsible to assign resources to the right tasks. All activities and resources cascade at the operational level that classified into daily work routines with continuous business innovation and improvement.

  • Allocate resources efficiently, 

  • Increase productivity.

  • Avoid wastage of resource.

  • Use time, energy and money wisely, 

  • manage and minimize business risk

Business innovation 

We implement product innovation, process innovation and business innovation strategy in order to come up with new ideas and technologies that increase productivity and generate greater result through the process of opportunity exploration. Develop a creative culture that drive innovation through the strategic design thinking process. Use modern technology, improve processes and educate people to build company capacity.


Transparency and honesty

ABEBBA communicates and interacts with employees, shareholders, investors and partners with transparency and honesty. As a result, an independent audit hired on time and publish financial statements, information about strategy, operational activities, and significant risks.

Responsible Leadership

ABEBBA leadership designed to act proactively and progressively with accountability, responsibility to achieve the value creation process that maximizes company value. Understanding, owning and achieving  key responsibilities, looking after people so that they can support customers and work diligently for product innovation.

Cooperate with all partners with the responsibility to fulfil contractual obligations. Protect company reputation and do not allow adversaries that affect corporate image

Compliance to legislation and standards

ABEBBA interacts in compliance to legislation and international legal standards. Respect corporate values and guiding principles, act in accordance with internal policies and procedures. Protect and promote the interests of the company legitimately and professionally.

Sustainable development and social responsibility

ABEBBA incorporates sustainable socio-economic development program to create environmentally friend and safe working conditions for employees, provide them with a wide range of opportunities for training and professional development. Operation stretches from edible oil processing to edible oilseeds farming; hence project will also boost the inter-sectoral linkage between the agricultural and industrial sector.


Team Interaction 

ABEBBA internal interaction defined by team support, efficient and transparent communication style, interactive learning process, experience sharing. Team thrive for common success that enable to solve the most difficult tasks and achieve the best results.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Highly driven team inspired by ABEBBA vision who work with enthusiastic aspiration. Each team is dedicated to contributing to an overall result. Each teamwork thrive to  explore potential opportunities and create the value customers expects.

Confidence with mutual respect

ABEBBA cultivates a culture of respect and trust with the confidence that stands to each other. Each team act in compliance with the company vision, values and guiding principles.

Employees development

ABEBBA business innovation and expansion believes on employees’ personnel development while providing social benefits every employee of the Company.  Employee interest align with company vision, mission and values. Implement policies and employee benefit plan to create an atmosphere that inspire each employee. ABEBBA develops culture of change and transformation.

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