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Primary Products

1) Refined Sunflower oil

2) Refined Soybean oil

3) Refined Noug

4) Refined sesame oil 


1) Cakes for animal feed

2) Gummy for cosmetics

Unique Products

ABEBBA deploys German edible oil processing technology that uses 10% less energy compared to others.

  • Organic raw materials that grow locally.

  • sustainable production system in-compliance to European and international standard.

  • High-quality products.

Affordable Market Price

Our products are:

  • superior compared to other edible oil products, 

  • Affordable to potential customers.

  • Accessible products.

Strong Brand Image
We associate our brand with health and wellbeing that accelerates perception between quality edible oil consumption and quality of life. 

  • Outperform market expectation.

  • A trustworthy image that delivers the promised product value.

  • Satisfaction between customer perception, expectation. 

  • Accelerating customer trust, confidence and awareness. 

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