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ABEBBA and its people are set up to create customer values and delivering high-quality products that satisfy customer needs. We incorporate the process of learning, innovation, and growth in every value creation process. All activities and resources integrate to develop and establish mutual relationships with key stakeholders in light of the vision to become a leading edible oil brand in Africa.

We assign the right people in the right position to keep up leadership momentum that moves the company in the direction that accelerates growth, generates profit, builds strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. Our execution plan layouts consistent streams of workflow that align resources and activities efficiently. ABEBBA designs a cost leadership production system that consolidates our position in the market. 

To become a leading edible oil producer company, we set out short and long-term strategic-framework that include three components; (1) develop customer confidence and trust, (2) perform continuous market researches and studies to better understand the market dynamism and changes within the food industry, (3) establish leadership in core products.

We integrate experiential processes throughout the value-creation process by placing the forces before the actions. We believe in strategic partnership and cooperation with key stakeholders, internally and externally, to build strong relationships. We implement robust employee performance and development plans to upgrade skills, capitalize on experiences and capacities.


  • Financial stability, generate sustainable profit.

  • Generic competitive strategy featured by cost leadership, differentiation and best Value.

  • Value creation chain management.

  • Production optimization and efficiency.

  • Strategic planning and execution timely.

  • Business, product and process innovation.

  • Promote employees skills to increase performance levels.

  • Professionalism, professional team.

Strategic pillars

  • High-level production safety.

  • Brand localisation strategy.

  • Partnership with key stakeholders.

  • Networking/Market access.

  • Productivity and efficient capacity utilization. 

  • Operational discipline.


  • Outperform market expectation.

  • Consolidate network/distribution channels in East and West Africa markets.

  • Exceed 55% export of total production capacity.

  • Upgrade production capacity up to 1000 TPD within 8 to 10 years.

  • Acquire 20% of total Ethiopian edible oil market share value.

  • Secure and consolidate raw material supply locally.

  • Achieve sustainable cost leadership production system and  optimization levels.

Ultimate objectives

  • Develop and build company profile and reputation.

  • Maximize company value.

  • Promote brand image.

  • Achieve brand localization strategy globally.

  • Expand globally.

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